Aubrey Powell Signed Led Zeppelin Of Houses Of The Holy Cover Print


Date: 2001

Signed By: Aubrey Powell – Hipnosis

Edition: 500 World Wide

Dimensions: Print size 26″ x 33″. Image size 26″ x 14.7″

Atelier: Corriander Studios, London

Condition: New

Medium: 330g Somerset Satin Enhanced


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Artist: Hipgnosis, Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson Limited edition fine art print based on the original artwork 330g Somerset Satin Enhanced Printed by Coriander Studios, London Signed and numbered by the artist Print size 26″ x 33″. Image size 26″ x 14.7″ Edition size 500 Led Zeppelin scored another Number One album, this time at the expense of one of Plant and Pages heroes, Elvis Presley. The two band members had met Presley in Las Vegas in 1972. A year later, in its second week on the chart, May 12 1973, Houses Of The Holy knocked Presleys Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite from Number One on the Billboard Album Chart. For the cover artists, Hipgnosis, this was indeed a landmark year, as that Elvis album had previously stolen the Number One spot from Pink Floyds The Dark Side Of The Moon. Storm Thorgersons artwork for that Pink Floyd album is also available as a hand-signed limited edition fine art print. I became totally obsessed with Led Zeppelin, they were the first band I actually listened to. I put on Houses Of The Holy and just sat there. Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, Q Magazine, March 2003. Arguably one of the most intriguing pieces of sleeve artwork, Houses Of The Holy was also one of the most difficult to assemble. With Led Zeppelins US tour breaking box office records previously held by The Beatles, the music press had to concede that they were now officially the biggest band in the world. In this respect, at least, they no longer had anything to prove. Toby Manning, Q Magazine, 2003. At the end of the book, (Arthur C. Clarkes Childhoods End), all of earths children gather together to be taken off into space. I suggested we take a family to the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland and photograph them climbing the octagonal steps there so it looked like they were climbing up to be taken away. I decided to take a black and white photograph and hand tint it in the studio. I shot the children in various positions then cut them out of the photos and made a collage. Aubrey Powell, Q Magazine, 2003.


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