Glass And Acrylic Framing Choices

Description: Would you believe there is glass in front of the left hand butterfly? We have a wide range of glass and Acrylic to frame your picture with. Each with unique properties and benefits. Call 07711 141415 for details


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Believe it or not, in the image above, the left hand side
of the picture is glazed! The right hand side has normal
float glass in the frame, the left side of the frame has
special non reflective anti UV Art Glass

There is wide choice of specialist glazing products whether
they be in glass or Acrylic at the gallery.
Not only can these specialist glass framing products enhance
image colours, but they also can offer excellent non
reflective qualities
and extra protection form Ultra Violet UV light and
Whether interested in standard glass or specialist museum
quality glazing, we can offer advice and help in making your
choice for the perfect picture frame and glass.
Please call 07711 141415 or 0121 236 5800 or mail us at with your enquiry.


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