UNIQUE Rolling Stones Tongue Logo Sequin Screenprint By John Pasche.


Date: 2009

Signed By: John Pasche

Edition: Unique World Wide. 1 of 1.

Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm

Atelier: John Pasche

Condition: Mint Condition

Medium: Silkscreen On Canvas with Sequins


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The original Tongue artwork for The Rolling Stones logo was created by artist John Pasche in 1971 and remained the property of the John Pasche until it was acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2008. Due to the fact that John Pasche sold the copyright to the Rolling Stones in 1984, no other reproduction rights of the Tongue logo were given to the Pasche. In 2009 however, John Pasche reached an agreement with the Rolling Stones permitting him to produce just five original and unique Tongue logo artworks based on the original design. A copy of the agreement between The Rolling Stones and the John Pasche is available on request and serves as full provenence of the pieces.


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