Richard Evans The Who Twos Missing Print Signed By Pete Townshend


Date: 2007

Signed By: Richard Evans and Pete Townshend

Edition: 265 World Wide

Dimensions: Image 19 x 19″, Paper 27 x 28″

Atelier: Printed by Coriander Studios, London

Condition: New

Medium: Silkscreen in 28 colours plus a spot glaze on Somerset tub sized 400gsm


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With the success of The Who ‘Who’s Missing’, MCA Records decided to do a follow up album called ‘Two’s Missing’. Well, actually they wanted to call it ‘Who’s Missing – Volume 2’ but what a boring title that would have been. This time going in to bat with a great set of track-by-track sleeve notes was the wonderfully droll John Entwistle.

The cover painting of The Who in 1965 has Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, Roger Daltry and John Entwistle adorned ‘a la mod’ in badges and buttons with Keith sporting his ‘Elvis for everyone’ and real badges, tie pins and brooches from Richard Evans’s collection montaged on to the artwork. These real badges are echoed in the painted ones on Pete’s lapel – including the blue and yellow military ribbon that he also wears on the cover of ‘White City’. The bathing beauty girls, common to both artworks, were originally sitting atop 1960s cocktail sticks and the scantily-clad temptress reclining over the band name was from a collection of 1950s truck decals.

Sadly both the The Who ‘Who’s Missing’ and ‘Two’s Missing’ albums have long been out of print, therefore it’s a real treat to see these two artworks side by side again. With The Who’s back catalogue now restored, remastered and virtually complete, perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at what’s still missing and re-release the definitive The Who ‘Who’s/Two’s Missing’.


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