Pink Floyd Original Unreleased 1989 Limited Edition Venice Concert Poster


Date: 1989

Signed By: Certificate of Authenticity signed by Robbie Williams. Pink Floyd Production Manager

Edition: No more than 60 Prints Produced World Wide

Dimensions: 670 x 980 mm

Condition: Good Condition

Medium: Lithograph


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Unseen 1989 Festa Del Redentore Venezia Poster Words from Robbie Williams. Pink Floyd’s Production Manager. “Pink Floyd Festa Del Redentore – 15 July 1989 In 1989 Pink Floyd added one final European leg to their marathon world tour that had started in 1987 as the Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour. The Tour was to promote the Live Delicate Sound of Thunder Album and it was decided to play in cities which had not previously experienced large Stadium productions. Moscow, Athens and Venice were among the cities included in the schedule. Venice was particularly challenging as the entire Stage was to be built on a large barge which would be towed into position in front of St Marks Square. The concert was broadcast live to a worldwide TV audience. The Venice date was scheduled to coincide with the annual Festa Del Redentore. It was decided that it would be a free concert but the authorities, worried that they would not be able to control the numbers of fans wanting to attend, discouraged any active publicity, relying instead on an initial announcement and word of mouth. As far as I know this spectacular poster had very limited circulation and is therefore unique in PF memorabilia.” These Original 1989 Posters were produced to promote Pink Floyd’s Venezia Concert that was arranged in conjunction with the Italian Govenment to celebrate the Festa Del Redentore. This is an annual festival held in Venice that began in 1576 to celebrate the end of the great plague in Italy. This festival is therefore of some importnace to the Venetians and Italians generally. Originally the concert was arranged with tickets being purchased and as such, normal marketing activities were carried out, directed by the bands production manager, Robbie Williams. The posters offered here, only 50 of which exist World Wide, were produced to promote this concert, but when it was decided to change the concert to a free one, there was concern that there could be too many fans attending, and so the posters were not put up in case it encouraged even more fans to attend. It was estimated that between 250 and 300,000 fans attended even without the posters being put up! Please note this price is for an an-framed example. Please call for details.


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