Pink Floyd Animals Print Signed Storm Thorgerson

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Pink Floyd Animals Print Signed Storm Thorgerson


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Pink Floyd Animals Print Signed Storm Thorgerson

Date: 2000

Signed By: Storm Thorgerson In Pencil

Edition: 295 Prints World Wide

Dimensions: Image 17 x 26″, Paper 25 x 33″

Condition: New / Mint

Medium: Sreenprint / Seriegraph


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Pink Floyd Animals Print Signed Storm Thorgerson

Produced by
Storm Thorgerson and Pete Christopherson (Hipgnosis)

Storm Thorgerson commentates: David Gilmours glorious guitar
lines come to temporarily dominate the Floyd horizon. On
that horizon is an Orwell inspired allegory and somewhere
over the horizon flies a giant inflatable pig. The
inflatable pig was a dirigible about 30ft long and 20ft
high, and it was brought to the site, this wonderful 20s
building Battersea Power Station, near the River Thames
upstream from the Houses Of Parliament. On day one the pig
remained on the ground, neither inflated nor elevated. The
initially reluctant pig made a rash break for freedom in the
blue yonder on day two. Up from the power station and into
the flight path to Heathrow Airport went the animal, en
route for the media headlines and home in time for tea.
Retrieved from a Kent farm and its bacon saved, the pig
again faced the photographers and a film crew, now with a
helicopter ready. The finished artwork comprised a real pig
(day three) in position with a real background (from day

Storm Thorgerson says Despite this minor comping of
pictures, this minor sleight of hand, the principle of doing
it for real served us well. Though at times the whole event
had a ludicrous and spinal tap feeling to it, especially
when faced with newspaper headlines blaring out that airline
pilots were seeing flying pigs (had the world gone mad?), it
was only by staging it for real that the essential dynamics
of the building and the beauty of the dramatic sky were
captured a majestic background for a majestic pig. How
splendid, how absurd, how RocknRoll.

Pink Floyd Animals Print Signed Storm Thorgerson


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