Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse Print Signed By Artist Storm Thorgerson

Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse Print Signed By Artist Storm Thorgerson


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Date: 2000

Signed By: Storm Thorgerson

Edition: 295 World Wide

Dimensions: Print size 25″ x 33″ Image size 17″ x 26″

Condition: New Mint Condition

Medium: Giclee print using 6 colour pigment inks on Somerset enhanced 330gsm



The image for the album cover reflected a line of lyric
visions of an empty bed and became a vision of empty beds a
huge number of beds stretching across the landscape. Storm
Thorgerson wanted the right kind of beds Victorian, wrought
iron, hospital type beds, beds for patients, beds for mad
people, beds for dreamers. 700 beds were taken on two trucks
to Saunton Sands in Devon, England, and put on the beach one
by one, complete with bedding and arranged in the shape of
a river, as a river bed. Also needed were three tractors,
thirty helpers, dogs, handlers, models and one microlite.
Coincidentally, this is the same location used by Alan
Parker for the military sequences in the Wall movie. With
everything finally assembled and in place and every single
bed in position, all was quickly abandoned due to the onset
of English rain with visibility reduced to about 500ft not
far enough even to see the end of the line of beds. Two
weeks later the whole procedure was repeated and a result
was achieved. All this whilst the tide was turning. The
picture is 5/4 colour transparency on wide angle with
available daylight. Beds to dream in, or beds to recover in.
notes Storm Thorgerson. Real beds in a real place looking
somewhat unreal. The album hit the No.3 spot on Billboard in
October 1987.


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