Peter Blake Stanley Road Print Signed By Paul Weller And Peter Blake


Date: 2002

Signed By: Sir Peter Blake & Paul Weller

Edition: 250 Prints World Wide

Dimensions: Image 19 x 19″ / papre 27 x 28″

Condition: New / Mint

Medium: Sreenprint / Seriegraph


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The story starts with a telephone call one day in 1995, from Paul Weller to Peter Blake. Therein a simple enquiry from Paul Weller as to whether Peter Blake would be interested in creating the artwork for Paul Weller’s forthcoming album. Peter Blake describes how they worked closely on the idea for the visual. Paul Weller provided a list of preferred subjects for the collage elements that Peter Blake provided and he then deliberated over. Some ideas were put aside; some kept; some discovered. George Best replaced another footballer in the original visual gallery. Peter Blake had a definitive image of John Lennon. The family photos and mod shots are personal reflections. The double-take of Paul Weller as a lad holding Paul Weller as a contemporary is classic Peter Blake imagery, caught by the juxtaposition of photograph and portrait.

In 2002, approaching the creation of an original fine art print for the subject, Peter Blake went back to the finished artwork in his studio and considered the scale and treatment involved. Peter Blake’s printer Brad Faine, was involved from the start and the screenprint expertise that results is a result of that collaboration. The individual finishes applied to certain areas of the finished print are both extraordinary and unique. The original and bespoke nature of the screenprint is self-evident. This is not a reproduction of the album cover art. This is the subject newly addressed by the artist. Paul Weller received a finished print of the edition recently with a personal dedication attached from his friend, the Peter Blake. In his time, Paul Weller has formed and split up two very successful groups, The Jam and The Style Council. Stanley Road will, however, always be something special, musically and visually, not just for its million and more sales. Talking about Broken Stones, one song on Stanley Road, Paul Weller tells Watch Magazine,. Its got a great feel about it. I think it really connects with people. They relate to it for their own reasons but it has a universal feel about it. Paul Weller and Peter Blake are working in the most complementary way possible. Its about using your influences and taking them elsewhere says Paul Weller. Great minds truly think alike. The original screenprint of Stanley Road is an investment opportunity that captures that illuminating collaboration completely.

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