AVAILABLE – Please Call For Prices – Pink Floyd Number 8 Cover Shoot Limited Edition Photograph Signed By Carinthia West

Signed By: Carinthia West In Pen

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Condition: New Mint Condition

Medium: Silver Gelatin Photographic Print


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Condition: New and Mint

As described by Carinthia West
“Pink Floyd Animals

The Pink Floyd decided to shoot the Animals album cover at
Battersea Power Station in London using the brilliant
photographic team Hipgnosis ( Aubrey Powell and Storm
Thorgerson) who had shot many of their previous albums.
Hipgnosis organized a giant blow-up pig which was attached
to ropes and supposed to float above the Power Station for
the shot, but instead, it threw off it moorings and headed
off on a lone journey across London. Everyone watched in
horrified fascination and a certain amount of panic, to put
it mildly. The Floyd had hired an ex-police marksman to
shoot it down in such circumstances, but he had turned up
the day before and hadnt bothered to return. Jumbo jet
pilots, flying into London that morning, announced to their
passengers on the right of the plane you will see the
Houses of Parliament and on the left….a flying pig!.
Luckily, the pig landed ignominiously and deflated in a
field in Kent, much to the farmers surprise. To the best of
my knowledge, I was the only non-professional observer with
a camera on that day, and I took these shots as it was
beginning to fly away on its independent journey.”

Carinthia West took this photograph at the Animals photo
shoot that was put together by Hipgnosis (Storm Thorgerson &
Aubrey Powell) on behalf of Pink Floyd for the launch of
their latest album at the time.

The image is very rare in that it features the inflatable
pig still tethered between the chimneys of Battersea Power
Station in London. Even Hipgnosis did not manage to get a
shot of the pig in situe before it broke its lines and
floated away. Hence on the Animals album cover, the pig
featured is actually a cut and paste addition.

Carinthia West was present at the shoot with Pink Floyd’s
tour manager Robbie Williams who features in one of the out
take photos.

This really is a beautiful and rare photogroph of one of
Pink Floyd’s most memorable and popular album covers.

The total print edition is 100 prints World Wide, with 5
various print sizes within this edition. Please call for
more details if required.

Please note the print edition number will vary from the one
visible in the photograph due to availablity at any one

Frame not included. Please call or mail for details. +44 121
235 5800.


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