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Clockwork Orange


Limited Edition Clockwork Orange Soundtrack Cover Memorabilia Print

Hand Signed By Malcolm Mc Dowell, Mike Kaplan & artist Philip Castle
Limited Edition Clockwork Orange Soundtrack Cover Memorabilia Print

Date: Nov 2009

Signed By: Malcolm Mc Dowell, Mike Kaplan and Philip Castle In Pencil

Edition: From The edition of 195 Prints World Wide. Only 80 triple signed

Dimensions: Image 19 x 19, Paper 26 x 27" Approx

Atelier: Dekkel Fine Art UK

Condition: New / Mint

Medium: Archival Screen And Giclee Print

British Pounds£595
US Dollars$791
Japanese Yen¥102132

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Clockwork Orange

Contrary to popular belief, A Clockwork Orange was never
banned in the UK. The BBFC classified it as an X-rating in
1971. When first released, many people in Britain were
disgusted by the film as the sexual violence was considered
to be extreme. Throughout 1972 and 1973, several violent
crimes in Britain were said to be influenced by the film.
These included an old man beaten to death in an underpass, a
sixteen year old boy wearing Alex's uniform beating up a
younger boy and a young woman raped by men chanting 'Singing
in the Rain'. With pressure on director Stanley Kubrick to
ban the film, Kubrick withdrew A Clockwork Orange from
British cinemas in 1973. He said that the film would only be
allowed to be seen after his death. During the 1980's and
1990's, the only way in which British fans could see the
film was if they ordered it on VHS from other countries,
usually France. In 1993, the Scala Cinema club in London
screened the film without Kubrick's permission. At Kubrick's
insistence, Warner Bros sued the Scala club causing them to
become bankrupt and eventually close. Stanley Kubrick died
in 1999 and the movie was re-classified with an 18-rating by
the BBFC. A Clockwork Orange was eventually re-released in
British cinemas in 2000 and released on VHS and DVD in the
UK later that year.