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Gentlemen Without Weapons Signed Prints


##SOLD OUT## Transmissions Print Signed Storm Thorgerson

##SOLD OUT##Hipnosis Signed Album Cover Memorabilia Fine Art
##SOLD OUT## Transmissions Print Signed Storm Thorgerson

Signed By: Storm Thorgerson In Pencil

Edition: 100 World Wide

Dimensions: Print size 25" x 33", Image size 19" x 19"

Atelier: Storm Studios

Condition: New - Mint Condition

Medium: Screenprint on Somerset Tub Fine Art Paper 410 gsm

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Gentlemen Without Weapons Signed Prints

Another stunning album cover image by the legend that is Storm
Thorgerson founding member of design team Hipgnosis, reproduced
as this beautiful limited edition signed fine art print.
After a long silence,the one time Fox and Yellow Dog returned
with one of the most unusual albums ever made.
Because all the vocals were backed by sounds made by animals and
released from Fairlights and other programming devices.
Kenny Young had made the first On Location sound recordings in
1985 and over 2 years they worked on the idea for a series of
songs about Nature conservation to be given a backdrop of wildife
and Nature rather than conventional instruments.
With something of an obsession re animal imagery...bands like Fox
and Yellow Dog,publishing companies named Kangaroo and Lazy
Lizard...Young took it a stage further.
Gentlemen Without Weapons were 3 musicians: in addition to Young
there was Nick Glennie-Smith who was an in demand keyboardist who
played on the Campbells album,and Vic Coppersmith-Heaven,producer
and engineer for the Jam.
In this unique twist on the sampling theme what began as an idea
soon became an all-consuming project with a lyrical focus which
reflected on a growing concern for the future of the planet.And
what was fantasy on "Last Stage For The Silverworld" now became
songs about Acid Rain,endangered species,rain forests and the
raising of planet consciousness.
Recording were made in Indonesia and Hawaii plus visits to
British wildlife establishments armed only with a Digital Tape
The songs are further informed by a number of commentaries by
wildlife and ecology experts."Rain Of Terror" has a narrative by
John Hurt
Then came the process of transplanting the assembled sounds onto
the vocals of the songs,which relied on joint experiences in
recording studios.So for the sound of an elephant cry it was sent
into a Fairlight 3 before being sequenced into a coherent musical
shape,recorded onto digital multi track,mixed on DAT,compiled on
Audiofile and finally digitally cut.
Simple as that.There would be another 38 minutes to fill.

After all the wildlife sounds had been done a few more SFX were
added such as chiming clocks,saucepans,squash balls and tribal
The resulting LP came with a number of fact sheets full of
statistics which were supposed to make you think:
"Plutonium dumped in the North Sea over the last 30 years would
be enough to bring cancer and death to 250 million people
(roughly half of the States)"
"In the U.K. alone farmers spent over 1000 million in 1982 on
pesticdes.97% of our vegetables are sprayed with one or more of
these chemicals"
The additional 12" leaflet contains about 20 minutes worth of
reading for anyone who needs to know more,while the back of the
sleeve shows closeups of a single eye of an animal or bird.
And with no sign of anything new from Kenny Young it might be
worth pointing out that,as far as I know,the Kenny Young & the
Eggplants on Amazon and are nothing to do with him