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Limited Edition Photographs

Limited Edition Photographs

In this section St Pauls Gallery offer for sale a rare
collection of signed limited edition photographs from World
Renowned Photographers including Deborah Feingold, Carinthia
West, Aaron Rappaport and Nick Elliott.
The limited edition print photographs cover a wide selection
of celebrities from the Worlds of entertainment and music.
Sitters for the photographs from the Jazz World include Chet
Baker, Miles Davis, Tony Bennett and many other jazz
Photographs of musicians from the Rock and popular music
scenes include members of the Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger,
Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood), Talking Heads David Byrne,
Lenard Cohen and many others.
Also included in these photographic limited edition prints
are celebrities such as Eric Idle, Robin Williams, Helen
Mirren and others.
More photographic signed prints are being added to this
collection so please keep an eye on this section for new