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John Myatt Original Painting On Canvas - Carl Moll - Lady at writing desk

Between 1986 and 1994, John Myatt forged more than 200 new works by surrealists, cubists and impressionists, passing them off as originals with the help of an accomplice, John Drewe, an expert at generating false provenances. Despite the fact that many of John Myatt's paintings were laughably amateurish (they were executed in emulsion, not oil), they fooled the experts and were auctioned for hundreds of thousands of pounds by Christie's and Sotheby's. It was, said Scotland Yard's art and anti...

Signed By: John Myatt On Verso - ''''''''Genuine Fake''''''''

Edition: original

Dimensions: canvas 24x24"

Condition: Mint Condition - Framed

Medium: Emulsion On Canvas

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