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Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Bastards Fine Art Print By Pure Evil

Having returned from the US, artist Pure Evil created this piece in his fathers shed. It was painstakingly created with a scalpel and glue. It depicts the album cover from the Beatles Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band but with the heads replaced with those of the worst dictators, despots and serial killers Pure Evil could think of. Whilst somewhat dark, this print is both interesting and in parts humourous. For example John Lennons head has been replaced with Lenin. Mar...

Rare signed artist proof print.

Date: 2007

Signed By: Pure Evil In Pencil

Edition: 300 Edition with 10 Artist Proofs

Dimensions: 55cm by 70cm

Atelier: Pure Evil

Condition: New - mint condition

Medium: Hannemuhle 308 gram archival paper

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