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Storm Thorgerson Hand Signed Print Titled Stormback Catalogue


Storm Thorgerson

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Storm Thorgerson

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Featuring images from Black Sabbath, 10cc, Cranberries, Mars Volta & Muse
Storm Thorgerson Hand Signed Print Titled Stormback Catalogue

Date: May 2008

Signed By: Storm Thorgerson

Edition: 160 Prints Available World Wide

Dimensions: Paper 875 x 645, Image 675 x 420mm

Atelier: Dekkel Fine Art Publishing

Condition: New - mint condition

Medium: Giclee Print On 33ogsm Somerset Velvet Enhanced Paper

British Pounds£695
US Dollars$924
Japanese Yen¥119297

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Storm Thorgerson has long been credited with some of the world's most innovative and famous album covers.

One image however has stood out even though not an album cover in its own right. This image, created in 1996 and published as a fine art print in 1998, shows six girls sitting by a pool, body painted with images from Pink Floyd Album covers.This image is know by the name 'Back Catalogue'.

To celebrate the success of Storm Thorgerson's work over the years and to pay homage to Hipgnosis' work (Storm Thorgerson & Aubrey Powell), Dekkel Fine Art has published with Storm Thogerson, the new image you see above.

This time it is a different location and a mixture of cover images Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell created as the design company Hipgnosois.

Images include covers from 10cc, Black Sabbath, The Mars Volta, The Cranberries, Audioslave & Muse

This print is very high quality and as with all prints ofered, as they sell out, the price will rise accordingly.

Please call or mail for further information and please note the frame is not included in the price.