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Toby Mott

Toby is a British artist and designer. Known for his work with the Grey
Organisation, an artists collective and for his fashion brand Toby
More recently he has won acclaim for the Mott Collection an archive of
UK punk rock and political ephemera that includes over 1,000 posters,
flyers and fanzines.

In 2013 Mott exhibited a print edition of the original album art work for
'De La Soul'. In an essay written to accompany the exhibition, Mott
describes the process of designing the album cover: "De La Soul visit
our loft where we lay them down on the floor facing up, their heads
making a triangle. We photograph them whilst hanging precariously off
a step ladder, one idea being that the cover would not have a right way
up. CD's have yet to be the dominant musical format so the vinyl album
sleeve is our most effective way of making a statement. The intent of
the design of De La Soul's, 3 Feet High and Rising LP cover is to be new
and bright, with the overlaying of the fluorescent flowers and text
reflecting a synthetic pop cartoon look. This is a move away from the
prevailing macho hip hop visual codes which dominate to this day."


De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising Signed by Toby Mott

Limited Edition Album Cover Signed Print
De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising Signed by Toby Mott